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Translated by
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Restoration of the idea

of ,,bloody” Sultan Abdul hamid II

and Nato-eu agresion on serbia


At the end of the 20th century the European Union supported the ethnocide of Serbs. The same way as it had been done at the time of the pan-Islamist- Sultan Abdul Humid II, called ''bloody sultan'' who had started re-feudalisation instead of the reformation of the Empire.
NATO, the USA, Germany and Turkey restored not only the Muslim ''Europised'' government in Kosovo and Metohija but also the ''bloody sultan’s'' idea to form an Islamic state in the Balkans as the defence from the Russian influence!
Now the question is put to the USA, Germany and secular Turkey as to how to resettle the Arbanas on the land that has never belonged to them, where they are intruders behind the backs of the Asiatic invader, fascists, nazi and the NATO.

The 1990's in Europe started by demolishing the Berlin Wall, followed by the invasion of SFRY, the Serbian people and their territory. The invasion was carried out through the German diplomatic pressure encouraged by the EU and the  USA and the rebellion of the disloyal Yugoslav citizens, i.e.Slovenes and Croatians supported by the Muslims, Islam- converted  Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Arbanas (Albanians). The aggression of the western forces on Yugoslavia ended by NATO air campaign on SR Yugoslavia, a short- term federation of Serbia and Montenegro and occupation of a part of the Serbian territory.

The Western European publicity orchestrated by the publicity of the USA, Canada, Australia and Muslim countries had been prepared to approve of theUSA's criminal attack on Serbia. The blame for the war escalation in Europe  was supposed to be laid on Serbia! The Serbs did not dare to defend themselves from the great powers, their fate was pre-determined!

The ''western values'' were intended for the Muslim Arbanas ( Albanians) who did not ask for them , did not value them nor did they need them , but waged a ''holy war-jihad''1 against Christian Serbs to ethnically clean Kosovo and Metohija from the Serbs.The NATO Jihad was supported by the Muslim countries, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Sudan and the USA ''state enemy'' No.1-Iran!

The Balkanlike process was also  going on in Asia Minor. In order to supress the Armenian demands for autonomy, the Porta, following the lead of Eastern Rumelia, engaged nomadic Turks-Yuruks, Kurds and Cherkez who started a long-term ethnical group cleansing of the Armenians. In addition to these Muslim nations and tribes-the Porta sent the Arbanas to jihad in Asia Minor against the Armenians mostly from Djakovica.The cleansing and genocide of the Armenians ( 1894- 1896) were carried out according to the statement of Abdula Hamid II: ''The Armenian problem will most easily disappear with the disappearance of the Armenians.''

Previously  tested method of neutralising Serbs by means of other Serbs applied by Tito is continuing to be used now after the year 2000. When Milosevic was overthrown by ''democratic powers'', or in the words of ''leader's'' disciples to the successors, with the help of foreign powers.

This ''democratic'' alternative was opposed by the national democratic wing of the opposition gathered around Vojislav Koštunica, Nikola Milošević and Kosta Čavoški. On the other side  of this national democratic opposition was the confident right-wing  Serbian Radical Party while the neoliberal demo- crats  gathered in other parties continued to wander along the ''European'' road. The minor nationalist parties fell into crisis.

These Serbian ''Europeans'' do not realise that the Balkans are Europe and the rest is the  ''European subcontinent''. All the European culture and civilisation originates from the antique Balkan and Byzantine civilisation with which the Balkan peoples merged regardless of the Islamic and Roman Catholic pressure. The ''Europeans'' from various domestic ''European movements'' advocate barbarism. They do not advocate  spiritual civilisation. They consider civilisation the  technical progress to which the Serbs themselves have given the contribution! This kind of thinking shows confusion in their heads. That may be the reason why they cannot understand modern occupation of Kosovo and Metohija and the aim of all pressures on Serbs exerted by the USA, Germany and indirectly Turkey over NATO .

The USA and the European Union deny the Serbs the right to Kosovo and Metohija land regardless of the fact that it has been the Serbs' right for centuries based on cultural and political dominance. They accept the Arbanas who appeared in the Balkans in the 11th century. In Serbia the first Albanian individuals and groups were recorded during the Turkish resurgence in the 15th century and later in the 18th century, when, as Muslim converts,they suppressed Christian population, plundered and  pressurised for the sake of Islam. Gradually, first by checking, and later by imposing the language on Serbs,they colonised this region and kept all the Serbian onomastic nomanclature of the whole area, which is another evidence that they were not natives on the territories that they claimed.

The Arbanas' violence caused the Serbs' emigration and displacement.It is estimated that since the Serbian- Turkish War 1876-1912, around 150000 Serbs left Kosovo and Metohija and headed to Serbia proper.

The NATO occupation restored the Muslim government in a part of Serbia where it had not been present for almost a century. TheArbanas do not have their national continuity in Kosovo and Metohija but they established the continuity of Islam. The NATO-USA ''Kosovo state'' wants to establish its identity over the Pelasgians, Illirians and many other known and unknown antique nations. But they do not possess their own land! They do not have any monument in Kosovo and Metohija. The monuments belong to Serbs and the monuments of the Turkish invader also appeared in the 16th century.That is why the Arbanas consider it necessary to demolish all that belongs to Serbs- from houses and graveyards to churches and monasteries.They will proclaim the Turkish monuments as theirs over Islam.Their policy is just the policy of the Osmanli (Ottoman ruling class)who expelled the indigenous people from their land and resettled Muslim population who secured the invader so that the indigenous minority should not be strong enough to rebel.

That is why the USA, Germany and Turkey can be ''praised'' for the pogrom of Serbs on March 17th 2004 .The USA achieved two goals: they satisfied the Muslim fundamentalism of the Arbanas and cleaned a part of the territory from the unreliable Serbs. The security of their military base near Uroševac- Bondstil has been increased.

The pogrom of Serbs should not be a surprise. Neither should we be surprised why it was not prevented. In October 1999, the monastery of St. Archangel Michael in Brezovik, the oldest monastery in Metohija was ruined and burnt. The Americans were present calmly watching the Arbanass demolishing the sacred place.

On June 13th, 1999, the international security force-KFOR in Kosovo and Metohija came with a task to guarantee peace. Before the eyes of these troops 180 000 Serbs left their homes or were forced to leave by the Arbanas who had burnt a thousand of Serbian homes. In addition to this, from June to October 1999, in the presence of 40000 NATO troops and civilians, non-government organizations and hundreds of reporters, the Arbanas razed to the ground more than 70 Orthodox temples, churches and monasteries or demolished and desecrated them.Although they arevery frequently on the spot, KFOR did not do anything to prevent the crimes!

When emissaries and diplomats from the USA come to Serbia, they claim that it is ''a key partner in the region'' although Kosovo and Metohija are still occupied. The ''Independent State of Kosovo'' is an issue about which there are no longer negotiations or talks! This attitude of the USA confirms the instability of the region and expands it from Near East to Southeastern Europe.

Sooner or later the USA will be forced to sit down with Serbs at the negotiating table! The relationships between the USA and Serbia are cold, tense and forcibly ''excellent''!


(Translated by
Biljana Dobrić)




In the early 21st century, in Europe, thanks to the “Merciful Angel”, the ultimate saint for our Christian brothers in America and Europe, in Serbia, in Kosovo and Metohija, after it had been occupied by NATO alliance in 1999, a generation of Serbian children grew up, not knowing the meaning of freedom, where the idea of the present leaders of the world is that they never should learn its meaning. They ask us if “this is something beautiful, or perhaps sacred…?” We leave it to the countries that took part in the bombardment of their country so as to prevent a “humanitarian disaster” to one day answer this question for them.

The Judeo-Christian civilization, i.e. its part made up of Europe and the United States, which, due to its globalist goals, often proclaims itself “the international community”, took exactly 1999 years to conceive of the most hypocritical, the most vicious, and the cruelest criminal enterprise in the history of the so-called mankind, or, perhaps the better word is unmanliness, under the guise of an angel showing mercy.

This project is a holocide, not genocide, because the aim of the plan was not only to kill and banish Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija, but also to rename the ethnically cleansed towns. Therefore, today, in Obilic, Urosevac, Srbica… not only is there no Serbian head, but there is no Serbian name, either. They are now Kastriot, Ferizaj, Skenderaj… Serbs are deleted from times present, past and future, from the memory, the space and time of Kosovo and Metohija.

Why is this holocide and not holocaust, why was it so that not only were Kosovo Serbs burnt down with their Orthodox temples, but the “international community”, embodied in the UN, has also issued a request that over 135 Serbian churches and monasteries that were incinerated in Kosovo and Metohija should be restored only if they are renamed as “Byzantine legacy of Kosovo people”, read: Albanians, because in Kosovo today there is no other people. According to the laws of this new state in Kosovo, there is no other people, because all the others are national minorities. And what would this really look like, if a constituent nation did not have a single monument in its state, but  only endowments of a minority nation.

In June 1999, upon the entrance of NATO troops in Kosovo and Metohija, the persecution and ethnic cleansing of Serbs started. That year, by the end of the summer, all major towns in Kosovo and Metohija were ethnically cleansed: Pristina, Pec, Prizren, Gnjilane, Urosevac, Djakovica. All of them, except a part of Kosovska Mitrovica, were cleansed of Serbs. The methods the Albanian terrorists used for this, fervently supported by KFOR and UNMIK, included: murder, kidnapping, battering, rape, burning down of mothers with children, and other atrocities; however, a thing seen for the first time in the Balkans, obviously under the influence of US instructors, was public lynching. This is a cowardly way to express and execute collective justice, i.e. verdict. It is so popular in the tradition and practice of western nations, especially the US. Yet, it has remained virtually unknown among the often cruel, but always proud and dignified Balkan nations. This way, over 250,000 Serbs were banished from Kosovo and Metohija, and, with them, tens of thousands of Romanies, and even some disobedient Albanians. Over 150,000 Serbs who stayed in spite of this unseen terror, now live the life similar to that in safari reservations, as victims whose movement is restricted by barbed wire, while Albanians may shoot and wound children from their cars passing by, for the sake of their own pleasure or fun, or to give Serbs a warning of what the future holds. And all this before the watchful eyes and allowance of their mentors, the banners of UN, NATO and EU waving in the sky.

The second phase in the execution of the holocide of the international community and Albanian terrorists against the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija started on 17 March 2004, where the idea was to complete the ethnic cleansing in small towns and start the ethnic cleansing of major Serbian villages. They started with shots again, aimed at a boy in Caglavica, went on with burning the last Serb in Prizren, then the Health Station in Kosovo Polje, then Devic monastery and a hundred or so other churches, followed by the persecution of monks and nuns. In these few horrendous days Albanian terrorists, assisted by KFOR and UNMIK, were successful in implementing a part of their plan, so that ethnic cleansing was almost completed in: Obilic, Kosovo Polje, Lipljan, Kosovska Kamenica… German soldiers from KFOR particularly excelled in their cooperation with the Albanian terrorists, in line with their glorious tradition in this part of the world. The perpetrators have never stood trial, nor will they, as long as the world is governed by this, so-called “international community”, which has rewarded the Albanians for these crimes against the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija with the first state of terrorism and terrorists in the world.

Subconsciously, one always poses the question whether this evil should be talked about. For us coming from Kosovo, talking about it is the most difficult, but it’s even more difficult when the truth is kept silent, for, as old sages once noticed, “undoing makes a crime complete”. This is exactly what these rulers of lies and injustice hope for. Former NATO spokesman Jamie Shea once said: “Let us bomb the Serbs and remain calm, as they will soon forget all about it.” The message of this book is: do not be calm all of you who have committed crimes. By keeping silent, we have forgotten the name of the girl from the vicinity of Gnjilane who died, actually suffocated during an asthmatic fit on the administrative border with Kosovo and Metohija: American soldiers did not allow her parents to take her to a hospital in Vranje. Her agony lasted a few hours. Is this world better, do we feel better for forgetting her name and their undoing?

In the name of this oblivion, do we have the right to forget the name of the little Danilo, who made his first steps along with his parents after returning to Kosovo, and ended up massacred, along with dozens of other returnees? Among them were also Dragovic sisters, two young girls who had been so happy that morning for returning to their village: Mirjana got killed, and her sister was heavily wounded. In the same area, the responsibility of the English KFOR, a day before his eighteenth birthday, along with another thirteen mowers from Staro Gracko, the young Novica was killed. We have no right to keep silent and no one has the right to make us be silent. Speaking and testifying does not mean causing hatred and new crimes, but preventing those crimes from happening again. No one does this better than these children.

This small reminder was necessary to better understand the circumstances in which these children grow up and live their childhood, that they often want to forget, to understand their daily lives, where they often try to forget, and the future they fear.

And how they live, in happiness, or suffering, they say best themselves. In this introduction, only the big instances of evil have been described, those leaving scars on our souls. But power and water lack every day. How one lives without them, without freedom and so many more things, you will hear from these children – they are small, but big in so many respects.

When a friend of mine named Rastko gave me a few collections of children’s pieces last year, I took them and flapped through out of pure curiosity, because by that moment I had been convinced that such writings were much more an unfulfilled dream of parents than a genuine achievement of children. I read a few papers and turned silent. The work of this children, who had to face the dreadful reality of the life of Kosovo Serbs all too early, made me lose my breath.

And so this book came into being. Yet, to myself, its history is a bit longer. As it may be, when in the early nineties serious divisions started between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo, they seemed to somehow first become visible in schools. The official story was that, on the one hand, Serbian children no longer needed to learn the Albanian language, while, on the other, Albanians refused to study in accordance with the official syllabus, requesting that their children should go to separate schools, and the like. At that time I wrote a joint address to Serbs and Albanians, more out of a premonition than because I knew what was about to happen. In the part in which I addressed the Serbs, I reminded them that language was a token of consciousness and an expression of the human mind, and that no one had the right to use it in order to divide people, for the noble role of language is quite the opposite – to create peace and harmony among human beings. On the other hand, my suggestion to the Albanians was that no one had the right to say – I am a parent, I will instill hatred into my child, that is my free will. Our children we owe to God, and to God we owe our love of them and their love of the world. No one wished to hear my address then, it was a lonely voice in a desert, and perhaps it still is.

I remain convinced, though, that man was not created at that moment in which he understood the power of tools, as we are made to believe watching the all-praised “Space Odyssey”, but rather at the moment in which he felt compassion and shed his first tear. Cain did not become a man when he realized that he had the weapons and power to kill his brother, but rather when he heard the voice of God, realized what he was doing, and ultimately repented. Since God is hardly an old DJ sitting among the clouds and playing his voice over a Hi-Fi system, this would have been the first time that a man heard the voice of his soul, the voice of man.

This book begins with the title “What is Freedom” by the little girl Andjela and ends in the title “A Gift Called Peace” by the young boy Luka. Between the two, there are ten years of hope, suffering, and turmoil. The book is a testimony by children born in Kosovo, around the venue of the Battle of Kosovo, that is the central part of the province, between Obilic and Lipljan, and Gracanica and Kosovo Polje, and this is certainly important for us if we wish to understand their experience of the world.

All the hope, love and gentleness given in this book come from the children, while all the gloom, bitterness, and bad words originate in the world surrounding them.

They say:

“Kosovo, my love, you are now in chain,
It is war and violence and helplessness that reign,
A bent down Serb, his face looking down,
Through you he walks, town after town.”

This book is a gem to help all those wishing to wake up come out of their dream, a dream lacking in reality.

If the prayers of these children and the powerful people in this world are addressed to the same source, let us remember what He said about freedom and peace:

“The truth will set you free.”

“Peace be with you.”


Like grass between the rail’s tracks,
A child from Kosovo so much lacks.

Dragons in the sky leave them with no choice,
In pauses they must work, learn, grow, and rejoice.
Dear to all, they are noble and plain,
but no one is ready to come and remain.

You guard the Sun, the skies and your spark,
Never let others spread out their dark.

Although they are small, they will always say
“ Crawling to the truth, you cannot make your way!”

 Dragan Nicic Cinoberski


It is interesting to note that whenever the Serbian state was coming out of liberation wars, occupation and slavery and was on the way of its upswing and renewal, its freedom and the right to choose its own route was taken from it and Serbia was pushed in the abyss. From the Berlin Congress in 1878 up to now the ascent of Serbia has always been accompanied with that kind of decline. The foreign secret services and the governments of colonial imperialistic powers, from the Austro-Hungary, Germany, Great Britain and now USA, never wanted to have free, organized, democratic and prosperous European Serbia. When it suited their massive capital they pushed the Serbian state into wars, after which the victorious, tired, racked Serbia with decimated population was forced to form the common state with the defeated hostile countries. For example, thanks to its protectors, first of all Vatican and Germany, Croatia was never punished for the committed genocide and ethnic cleansing over the Serbian population either in the First or in the Second World War. On the contrary, it was rewarded for its planned crime against the Orthodox Serbs in the civil war that took place in the territory of former Yugoslavia in the nineties of the XX century.


 The time of cooperation between the West and Tito’s communist regime, aiming towards the New World Order and the globalisation of Serbia, towards the triumph of the Western financial, military and political oligarchy headed by the totalitarian USA government, represented only the time of respite, of consolidation of allies that lead to recomposing of states in Europe after the Cold War.

The time of reign of Tito’s communist Yugoslavia is the time when the destiny of the Serbian nation and of the Serbian state was determined, drafted and designed for the Post-Communist period. Such drastic example can be seen in the UN Security Council Resolution number 1244, where some of the provisions are copied from the time of Tito’s communist regime. In the same way in which in 1968 Tito’s communists deleted the word Metohia from the term Kosovo and Metohia, the word minority from the term Albanian national minority, as well as the term Shiptars (other terms used for the Albanian national minority in the south of Serbia, and in Kosovo and Metohia are Shiptars, Arbanas or Arnauts). Only the term Albanians remained so that it might turn out in the future that the Albanians are not a national minority but supposedly a state-building nation in Serbia.

Vatican and the Western oligarchy regard the Serbian Orthodox state as their colony and as the shortest route towards the East. For their purposes they need Serbia with limited democracy, with puppet government, Serbia in which the place of its president is politically insignificant, Serbia divided into provinces with state competences that will be always prepared, when the time comes, to invite the minorities to self-determination and to continue the plucking of Serbia.

Nowadays USA fortifies its base in the occupied south of Serbia, in Kosovo and Metohia, for its possible attack on the Maghreb countries. NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 was only the striking fist of the neo-colonial powers to return to the Balkans which represents the platform, i.e. a new base for the further progress of the Americans towards Africa. Great Britain was the first to willingly surrender its colonies to USA hands after the Second World War. Today Washington expects France to do the same with its ex-colonies in the north of Africa.


Today in XXI century the road of the Blue Book is continued. This document about the atrocities performed by the Ottomans and Shiptar tribes in Kosovo and Metohia was supposed to serve as the key evidence of the Serbian suffering in front of the International court of justice, just established at that time at the end of XIX century; however, due to Vienna, the protector of the Ottoman empire and the Western innovators in the Serbia of that period, that document termed the Blue Book never came to daylight. The truth about the atrocities against the Serbs in the oppressed Serbia was in that way hidden from the eyes of the international public. The same takes place today.

The truth about one country can best be reflected in its media, its prosecutor’s office, judiciary, army, and police... in Serbia they testify about its trodden sovereignty.

What about the killed Serbs? Where are the survived victims of NATO bombing? Is that supposed to be democracy? Or have we become the country of captive minds?

Why is the high treason also glorified after the overthrow of Milošević regime? Why and how after the 5th October, instead of the deformed Milošević – Yugoslav Left regime, the so-called democratic Serbia found itself in the clutches of vultures with the Serbian passport, clutches of “tolerant” modernists, “tolerant” Philistine characters, upstarts, avaricious, haughty, selfish, small-minded, corrupted mediocrities and modern “patriots”?

Why and how did we allow that all sort of stutterers, the frustrated and all kinds of spiritual freaks and blackguards serve as landmarks for the Serbian youth?

Does anyone wonder how come those who disdain their own nation and reject the traditional system of values such as Čeda Jovanović, Nataša Kandić, Sonja Biserko, Biljana Vučo, Korać, Čanak, and all sorts of ruined painters, actors, theatre workers, lawyers, scribblers and other apprentices, have occupied the Serbian Parliament; who has turned TV camera on them and keeps the doors of all TV studios open for them twenty four hours a day?

Who is the one who forbids that those who after the 5th October released from the Serbian prisons terrorists, members of the Albanian national minority who belonged to the terrorist KLA, criminals, Shiptar murderers and drug dealers be punished?

Why does the special prosecutor make a caricature of himself and instead of charging USA government for terrorism he prosecutes the Serbian policemen for the murder of Bytyqi brothers, the bloodthirsty terrorists, members of the Albanian national minority who belonged to terrorist KLA and who secretly entered Serbia, only because they possess the American passport, in order to perform a special task?

Who is the one who allows that those go unpunished who in the middle of Belgrade, like the Women in Black, demand from the participants in the negotiations on the Kosovo status that in the course of this occupied Serbian territory status determination “special attention be paid to the will of the majority of the provincial population and that the European integrations be enabled outside the state-legal boundaries of the Serbian state”?

Who is the one who allows that those who in the middle of Serbia call the Serbs - minority and the Albanian national minority - majority go unpunished? Who prevents that those be punished who support the legalization of the occupation of Serbia?

The answer lies in the trodden sovereignty and voluntary capitulation of the corrupted Serbia. There is no Serbian state; therefore the prosecutor’s office does not perform its duty.

 The answer is:

 -because we have allowed that all sorts of extremists from the minority parties and all sorts of nongovernmental organizations terrorize both the Serbian state and the majority of the Serbian population. The minority terrorizes the majority,

 -because things are not called by their real names,

 -because the Serbian people have turned into cowards, instead of rebellion, the apathy has been cultivated,

 -because the Serbian people have conceded not to lead but to be lead,

 -because those who are better, more ethical and more responsible have allowed the immoral and the irresponsible to take their place, accepting that all sorts of good-for-nothing and unreliable people determine what is good for the future of Serbia,

 -because of the fact that from the material poverty that we encountered in the nineties of the XX century we have drifted into the spiritual poverty,

 -because we peacefully observe these spiritual freaks that for other people’s money and other people’s interest glorify genocide and celebrate ethnic cleansing of the Serbian people. 


What does the world think about us?

The whole Serbia has been transformed into Guantanamo. Kosovo and Metohia became a concentration camp for the Serbs. The Brussels turns its head, in the same manner as it covers up the scandal related to the secret CIA prisons in the middle of Europe.

In the course of last seventeen years I have been publicly asking the question who has the mandate to protect the Serbs! No one answered my question. Belgrade remains silent.

When in 1994 in the course of civil war that took place in the territory of former Yugoslavia, in Bosnia and Herzegovina I spoke with general Rose, the then UNPROFOR Commander, a superstar of SAS unit, on my remark that the protected Muslim zones, such as Srebrenica, were actually centres of heavily armed Muslims, that these zones actually protected all Muslim offensives into the Serbian territory, general Rose told me: “The international military forces, UNPROFOR, have mandate to protect the Muslims and not to disarm them. Protection of Serbs is not within our mandate”. General Rose said that. When I asked him: “Does NATO have the mandate to protect the Serbs?”, he told me: “No, NATO does not have the mandate to protect the Serbs”. I was persistent: “Well then, who has the mandate to protect the Serbs?” He only briefly answered: “No one has the mandate to project them”.

In 1999, NATO did not have the mandate to protect the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohia; on the contrary. As early as in 1998, Rugova, one of the leaders of the Albanian national minority stated for the German Spiegel: “NATO represents our private army”.

Today the leaders of terrorist KLA, on the wings of NATO and with the support of Washington, rule in this southern province that has turned into El Dorado for terrorists, drug dealers, criminals and ravagers of the Serbian property. That is the reason why the exiled Serbs are not allowed to return to their homes and why the terrorism in Kosovo and Metohia still rages gaining different variations.

The fight against terrorism does not pertain to Serbia. Serbian army does not have the mandate to protect Serbia from the terror. Due to that in December 2006 the American ambassador Mr Polt could state for NIN magazine: “We need to improve the manners of fighting against the global terrorism”. However, when it comes to the Serbian fight against terrorism in the south of Serbia Ambassador Polt has another plan. There lies the answer to the question why the top of the Serbian army is in the rat hole today.

“Serbia, says the American Ambassador Mr Polt, should focus more on the global terrorism than on other issues that represent priority at this moment”. In other words, what the American Ambassador Polt says and recommends is that what is good for Washington needs to be good for Serbia. It turns out that the Albanian terrorism and the terrorist KLA of the Albanian national minority do not really represent terrorism because they serve the interests of the USA imperialistic foreign affairs. Mr Polt cannot conceal his content with the reform of the Serbian army. In December 2006 he stated for NIN magazine the following: “I am satisfied to see General Ponoš appointed as Chief of General Staff, he is heading towards the development of new defence forces for Serbia, forces that will suit the global challenges and not the regional conflicts”.

Hence Serbia has been converted into the American colony. Well, there lies the reason why we still don’t have an answer to the question: who has the mandate to protect the Serbs.

The military top of Serbia doesn’t give any announcements. The Serbian army got its mandate, both historical and eternal, from the Serbian people. However, the Serbian top remains silent. Daniel Fried, the Assistant Secretary of State, in an interview recently given to the influential New York nongovernmental organization, the Association for Foreign Political Affairs, said: “In 1999 Madeleine Albright led NATO, and the NATO allies contributed to the campaign, with the view of expelling from Kosovo the predatory army of ex-president Slobodan Milošević. It is obvious that the safety of Europe plays the important role in the safety of the United States”.

Imagine this American official dares to insult one country, its nation and army and to deprive it of its right to defend its own territory and to protect its own people from terrorism and secessionism of one national minority. It comes out that the Serbian army is plunderous when it confronts the Albanian terrorists trained by the American generals in secret bases in Albania, while for this American politician the Serbian army is not plunderous when it is supposed to act as cannon fodder for their global imperialist campaign.

In 1939 Roosevelt also justified the intervening politics of the American administration for the sake of pro-war lobby relying on the doctrine “The aggression on smaller countries will represent general threat to the American safety”. Parallel to that new strategy Roosevelt’s administration, not respecting the Neutrality Law adopted by the Congress in 1937, enabled the American banks to credit and arm Hitler’s Nazi military industry, at the same time providing arms for England and France.

Beside all threats, blackmails, bombing of Serbia, continuous dishonest requests made on behalf of the Serbian government, Serbia would never have sunk if it had resisted all these actions with adequate politics and appropriate diplomatic activities. However, no national or state strategy exists and the foreign affairs policy of Serbia is disastrous.

That is the reason why Belgrade is silent!

Serbia is not divided, it has always been united and, in its essence, a progressive democratic European country. The problem does not lie in such Serbia, but in Serbia that wants to divide Serbia, in that Serbia that calls itself “the other Serbia” while in fact it is not Serbia at all since it has no native, spiritual or cultural relations with our Serbia and with us the Serbs. They are misfits that spread the wrong picture of Serbia.

They are Philistines who call themselves modernists, who want the other Serbia and who force on Serbia voluntary capitulation as a democratic act on the road towards the European Union.

The truth is that these petty minds will serve for single use of the Americans. 


When Truman made public his doctrine of restraint green light was given to the subversion of countries from within. In the same manner in which the CIA established the radio Free Europe during the Cold War in Hungary, today in Serbia operate media, nongovernmental organizations and corrupted intelligence. The only new thing is the new terminology used for the XXI century patriotism. Modern patriots, bearers of that modern patriotism, have eliminated the right to defence. They promote materialism, egoism and hedonism. That actually represents vulgar materialism and voluntary capitulation.

Thanks to those upstarts Serbia has become the place of all sorts of cultural, technological and other waste. Those modern patriots had a task to promote something that the Americans often refer to as political reality, which actually means that the only thing that counts is that forcefully achieved in the field. Historical recollection has been erased, yesterday does not exist, there are no questions, or answers. The force has become the law. The Serbian people have been asked to act as the tolerant idiots.

On the occasion of NATO aggression on Serbia the American Ambassador Polt insulted one more time the Serbian people by saying the following: “USA did not wage war against Serbia... USA, NATO and your European friends together with the Serbian people waged war against the brutal, authoritarian, nationalist regime that was leading Serbia towards destruction”. (The interview was published in NIN magazine in December 2006)

In other words, Mr Polt says: the Serbs had bombed themselves. With the arrogant world imperialist manner the American Ambassador overstepped the decency border.

It is doubtful in which way would the American Ambassador have reacted if by some chance the journalist from NIN had asked him the intelligent and adequate question. However, that did not happen. However insulting was the Ambassador Polt’s answer the posed question was equally inadmissibly condescending. The same goes for the false comment of the journalist that seven years ago Serbia was waging war together with the USA. That insignificant person, a quasi-journalist, dared to call the NATO aggression on Serbia, headed by the USA, a war. Such journalists, and similar nongovernmental organizations and media lower the influence of Serbia and do not give democracy a chance.

It wouldn’t be fair not to mention here the editor of newspaper Politika, Ljiljana Smajlović - in her column she called the shameful dictated comment of Boško Jakšić, who invited the Serbian government to be the first to approve the separation of Kosovo and Metohia, a democratic act. Such a text against the Serbian Constitution has nothing to do with democracy but with high treason; unfortunately Politika has always been and still remains a regime newspaper capable of changing its logo but not the newspaper policy.

With the help from within the restraint doctrine brought Serbia to the pillory and brim of abyss.

In April 2005, “Deutschland radio” asked Doris Pack, one of the most influential German officials in Brussels: “What is in your view solution for Kosovo - complete independence or status of province?” She answered: “No, that is not possible, Kosovo region cannot return under the auspices of the Serbian government. Therefore, I wonder why we weren’t more active even earlier. It is impossible for us to back out now, either from the political or from the military sphere. Therefore we should have worked on this issue earlier in order to get the Serbs in favour of that”.

The foreigners have found in Serbia citizens willing to support their ideas and their political and military goals in the Balkans. That is the reason why the high treason is not being punished in Serbia. Nowadays it is very profitable to be a spy in Serbia.

It is important to mention some other numerous daily examples of functioning of the restraint strategy and limited democracy in Serbia. At the international assembly dedicated to the fruit growing held in Čačak in 2003, Ivana Dulić, a Croat, in her opening address to foreigners and to the World Bank she immediately recommended herself for the post of the Serbian Minister of Agriculture. Instead of Serbia on the panel was written “Sandžak and Serbia”. Doesn’t Raška district (Sandžak is a Turkish word) belong to Serbia?! Following that assembly, Ivana Dulić became the Serbian Minister of Agriculture in 2004. In Novi Pazar all of a sudden out of darkness the Vehabits as vampires came to the daylight. That was sufficient sign that shocked and horrified the honest Muslims and Serbia. When needed, in the northern Serbian province Vojvodina skinheads appeared, prearranged by someone. Serbia doesn’t resemble itself.

When it comes to the negative reforms beside the Ministry of Agriculture, the World Bank office in Belgrade is especially focused on the Ministry of Education, Army and the Ministry of Justice. 


The Hungarian Tende Kovač, deputy of Gašo Knežević, former Minister of Education, was the brain of the Ministry of Education and key link with the World Bank office in Belgrade. It is said that today she has the leading role in the Balkan region and that now she stands as the brain of proclaimed Roma decade. Therefore the fact that the West offers more than twenty billion of euros for the Roma in Serbia (from 2004 the Serbian government, dictated by the West, declared the Roma for national minority in Serbia, followed by change of their name: they are no longer Gipsies but the Roma). In the first place England and Germany plan to use that money to expel all Roma first from their own countries in the Western Europe. Poor and miserable Belgrade cannot even think of publicly proposing to Berlin and London that they keep those billions for themselves in order to improve the quality of Roma life in their respective countries. Doesn’t that planned exile of the Roma from the Western Europe and creation of the Roma state in the middle of Serbia represent Western discrimination of the Roma! This act has given a sign and green light to nongovernmental organizations in Serbia. In order to gain profit they will start looking for new cases. Without attacks on the Roma their pockets will remain empty. No discrimination in Serbia – no money for nongovernmental organizations!

Serbia needs to prepare to enter this decade. However, that can be achieved only by the organized democratic Serbia that will be willing and ready to punish high treason.

The Clinton administration justified its aggression on Serbia with the strategy for fight against human rights violations. The Bush administration calls the aggression on Afghanistan and Iraq spreading of freedom and democracy and fight against terrorism. Maybe it will call the aggression on Iran or Maghreb countries a preventive war.

The invented story of the retired American general William Walker about Račak in Kosovo and Metohia was the incentive for Washington to launch NATO aggression on Serbia.

When it comes to the pressure put on small countries, the Roma decade can offer infectious manipulations for pressure on Serbia. Look at the Vehabits in the Raška district, skinheads and the Hungarian Nazis in Vojvodina, as well as the Nazis in Hungary do not stand still, which is enough to keep us restless. Who can guarantee us that if tomorrow a fight with the Roma occurs it would not be proclaimed human rights violations and minority discrimination. 


What does the new modern globalization bring us and in what kind of new world order do we live? Which place occupies a man, nation and state in all that? Can we, as humans, allow ourselves to be defeated by the insensitive and brutal force? Should we allow that our way to some sort of contemporary globalization be paved by wars and that cataclysm becomes the road that humanity should follow?

What Serbia has to offer on its transition road looks frightening. However that should not discourage us in our firm faith to protect our national identity, our national integrity and integral Serbian state. And there ought not to be any compromises. One cannot negotiate with terrorism and secessionism.

Today Europe resembles the Europe from the time of shameful Munich conference in 1938. On 28th September 1938 Roosevelt sent a message to Chamberlain telling him that he was organizing the conference of interested parties that, under the current circumstances, could increase the pressure placed on the Czechs to grant greater concessions to the Nazi Germany.

Today no political responsibility exists, no concern is expressed, the right and justice are laughed at and freedom and democracy mocked. Where the national identities are demolished, democracy is being buried.

Plucking of Serbia has been granted. If one doesn’t put that madness to an end, if the Serbs do not wake up, if Brussels does not use its own voice, Europe will again wash itself in blood as in 1941.


In 1945 Tito’s communists adopted the law that prohibited the Serbs exiled by the German and Shiptar Nazis to return to Kosovo and Metohia. The same took place in 1999 when NATO forces entered the south of Serbia together with the terrorist KLA. At that time the exiled Serbs (more than 250 thousands of them) were not allowed to return to their homes; that ban is still in power. 


 Let us deal with the prosecutor’s office, the mirror of the Serbian state.

Why doesn’t the Serbian prosecutor’s office initiate criminal proceedings for high treason in Serbia?

Why aren’t those foreigners who promote and finance deterioration and occupation of the Serbian state not expelled from Serbia?

Why are not arrested those citizens who publicly promote capitulation of the Serbian territories to the enemy, who encourage the terrorists in the south of Serbia, who spur terrorism, glorify the Croatian genocide and who are, in the middle of Belgrade, even rewarded by Croatia for their shameful and criminal deeds, who in a war take the side of the Serbian enemies and openly support secessionism of Kosovo and Metohia, Raška district and Vojvodina, who supported the bombing of Serbia and who publicly insult Serbia as well as the live and dead Serbs, those who take away from the Serbs their right to self-defence, who introduce censorship in media, allow foreigners to control the Serbian media, who infringe the Constitution and openly lead anti-Serbian propaganda and anti-Serbian politics in the middle of Serbia?

Why those citizens who now live in USA and Germany and who in 1999 were instructed to shout and ask the bombing of Serbia, like the lawyer Srđan Popović, the owner of Vreme magazine, are allowed to enter Serbia? Why are they not arrested? Today they can freely walk the streets of Belgrade.

Author: Svetlana Petrušić
(Translated by Tatjana Nedeljkovic)



The continued pressure of the European Union, Anglo-Saxons and NATO holds the Serbs at the crossroads. The pressure is reflected in Martti Ahtisaari’s sentence: The Serbs are guilty as a nation!

The Finnish politician Martti Ahtisaari does not voice these words from darkness but publicly from Vienna, Brussels and New York. In this way he reduces the Serbian territories from which the Serbs had been expelled by jihad, terror and genocide in 1690-1912, 1916-1918, 1941-1944, in the period of Communism from 1945 to 1986, as well as by NATO aggression and occupation of Kosovo and Metohija in 1999-2007.

The New World Order in Europe, a synonym for the modern politics, represents the refutation of the international law. It is reflected in the aggression on Yugoslavia, actually on Serbia. It represents the denial of the small countries and nations and dismissal of the truth, law and justice. It puts Europe back where it was before the year 1914 by creating the chain of interdependent countries, supposedly multiethnic regions.

When it comes to the Serbian territory, tradition and cultural monuments in Kosovo and Metohija Martti Ahtisaari most blatantly and racially reasons that they do not belong to the Serbs. This kind of reasoning was confirmed in March 2004 when under NATO surveillance the Serbian cultural monuments were demolished and the Serbs slaughtered. Out of its consideration for the Albanians KFOR, which represents a NATO and EU body, did not prevent pogrom of the Serbs! His reasoning is the same when it comes to the demolished Serbian homes, plundered and usurped property. He publicly declares against the violence, naturally violence against the Albanians. KFOR is obliged to prevent the violence; however it tolerates and supports the Albanians who carry out the violence against the Serbs.

The Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija and in other regions where they live mixed with the heterodox and other nations are well aware what does the terror of the systematically organized mass involve.

After Broz’s departure into eternity they had tried to bring this terror under control but all of a sudden the international community and NATO uninvitedly showed up. Serbia was bombed, KFOR established, followed by the formation of the Kosovo Protection Corpus as the Kosovo police comprised of the Albanian terrorists. In that way with the EU support, the international community revived the ghost of Turkey in the Balkans since the Ottomanism represents the essence of the Muslim Albanian conscience.

Supported by the EU, USA and NATO Martti Ahtisaari thinks that he is competent enough to make decisions on the life of one nation – of the entire Serbian nation; he thinks he can erase the tradition since he is not interested in the history of the Serbs and their country; even less he understands that in each individual the past represents the present. It is obvious that his conclusions about the Serbs and Kosovo and Metohija rely on the main points of Noel Malcolm’s throwaway propaganda pamphlet. Following the pamphlet “Kosovo: A Short History” as the basis of his political programme he deems that he is the one who should disperse false beliefs about Kosovo and Metohija that prevail in Serbia.

There have always been politicians, in the various international organizations, ready to wait upon a centre or centres of power by creating a system of relationships among countries and nations ”in a principled manner” and “uninterestedly”. Their action provokes bitterness in the victims and the applause subsidized with the adequate financial rewards for “successful peace missions” in secret and public mentors who stand behind “the principle”.

“In a principled manner” Martti Ahtisaari creates a new era – the New World Order. He openly reveals his intent to tear apart one country in order to create something new on its territory – neither the state, nor the nation but something between an independent country and an EU dominion; in any case, essentially an anti-Serbian and anti-Slav entity.

The New World Order in Europe, a synonym for the modern politics, represents the refutation of the international law. It is reflected in the aggression on Yugoslavia, actually on Serbia. It represents the dismissal of small countries and nations and rejects the truth, law and justice. It sends Europe back to the state before 1914 by creating the chains of interdependent countries, which supposedly represent multiethnic regions.

In 1918 Europe became the Europe of the Nations. By 1914 Serbia had Reconquista of part of its medieval territories. It did not embrace the territories where there was no Serbian population. It followed the principle of nationality founded on language and on nation-building tradition cherished in the liberated areas. Beside the Serbs the released territory was also inhabited by the colonized Turks, various Turan tribes, colonized Muslim Albanians and Muslim Serbs together with the Arnauts – the Serbs who joined certain Albanian tribes and converted to Islam in order to protect themselves from terror. Its best example represents the population of Drenica.

Martti Ahtisaari offers the Serbs something that in its operational form mostly resembles the Catholic “counter reformation” that took place in the 18th century, something that annihilates the Europe of the Nations established in Paris in 1920 and 1946. He forces the Serbs to accept the achievements of genocide, performed on them by the Muslim and Roman-Catholic Albanian colonists from Malesi, Krume, Bushat, Kukes, Diber Malesi and other areas of contemporary Albania, as their normal state.

Martti Ahtisaari draws the background information for the idea of the independent Kosovo and Metohija from Noel Malcolm’s political pamphlet called “Kosovo: A Short History”, a typical example of the misuse of science for political purposes, which was rejected even by the Hague Tribunal as the evidence that does not rely on historical facts.

The pamphlet was written to meet the needs of running the racist anti-Serb propaganda in Anglo-Saxon world and in NATO countries and of justifying in advance the extortion of the Serbian territory and the exile of the Serbs.

The Serbs do not need Kosovo and Metohija independence. For them Kosovo’s independence represents a real nightmare.

The Muslim Albanians think differently - they don’t want to live with the giaours without having their Islamic country since for them the European civilization with its slogan of freedom, fraternity and equality presents a true nightmare. They feel much closer to Osama bin Laden than to Europe. They want to live and carry out the Islamic segregation of the Orthodox Christian Serbs; on the fundamentalist basis they would like to surround themselves also with the Muslims whose native language is Serbian and the Arnauts. They had already absorbed these last two during Broz’s dictatorship. This task is being implemented by the khojas and dervishes and the young Islamists, bearers of the Islamic fundamentalism, educated in Cairo, Fess and Saudi Arabia. In this way they create separated societies and ”ethnically clean Kosovo”.

The Koran is the basis of this political demand. It must be respected unreservedly since its rules and commandments were conveyed by the prophet Mohamed. The fundamentalists claim that the respect of the Koran fortifies the purity of morality as well as the positive and rational philosophy. Leafing page by page of the Koran they interpret rules and important sociological and legal entries and erase all other religious – philosophical systems. The language of the prophet and the wisdom embody the strength that instructs a nation and separates it from the wild nations – in this case from the Orthodox Serbs. A good Muslim is only the one who fights for faith and converts the infidel into the “true” faith.

By the consent of Austro-Hungary and Italy Albania, with the majority of the Albanian population of the Muslim faith, was created in 1912. The numerous Muslim Albanian colonies remained in the Old Serbia as well as in Kosovo and Metohija. The colonies still belong to the Ottomanism. This does not surprise. According to the words of Dr Riza Tevfik, a delegate of Edrine in the Ottoman Royal Parliament, voiced at the First Universal Races Congress held in London in 1911, the Ottomans are Turks, but can also be of other “races”, like Greek, Arab, Albanian and Kurd. They are more superior to other races in the Empire. Dr Riza Tevfik did not speak about the Slavs and Armenians for the Russians sake. She spoke about the Greeks for Byron’s sake; she flattered Anglo-Saxons for the sake of Byron, who participated in the Greek Rebellion in 1821, she flattered Anglo-Saxons because of the crucial role that Great Britain played in the revival of Greece and in the protection of the Ottoman Empire.

Martti Ahtisaari wants to endow that kind of “superior race” which still lives in tribal communities with someone else’s land and independence!

What does that represent? The strengthening of Ottomanism not only in the Muslim part of Bosnia and Herzegovina but also in Kosovo and Metohija or the renewal of the Ottoman Empire with the assistance of Great Britain and NATO whose member Turkey is.

Did anti-Slav racism present in the Western Europe finally come to light?

Great Britain and its ex-colony USA, which follows the imperial politics of the former capital, are openly in favour of the establishment of secular Muslim countries in the Balkans. The historian Noel Malcolm and the journalist Miša Glen gave justification for the Albanians saying that the Serbs had conquered Kosovo and Metohija.

Through Noel Malcolm’s literary essay runs the “Illyric theory” about the origin of the Albanians according to which the Albanians had lived in the Balkans before the Greeks and others, while the Serbs crossed the Danube in 548-549 in order to reach Kosovo and Metohija only in the 13th century.

However, Noel Malcolm did not answer the question how come there are Slavic toponyms and hydronyms not only in Kosovo and Metohija but throughout Albania, if the Albanians are the autochthons in the Balkans?

It is well known that when the conquerors reached a certain territory they used to enquire how a river, mountain, village or city was called and to record that name. If the Serbs had come to Kosovo and Metohija after the Albanians, as Noel Malcolm claims, they would have recorded more than 2000 years old Albanian Illyric toponymes.

The Illyric theory about the origin of the Balkan nations underwent several transformations until it reached the Albanians and encouraged them to seek their roots in Queen Teuta or even in Alexander the Macedonian.

From the 18th century onward the European classicism has been slowly travelling to meet the Albanians. They discovered it only in the 20th century. The classicism in Europe inspired interest in the antique Greece and Rome. The cults of antique men of letters, philosophers, artists, politicians and rulers emerged so that the statues of Cicero, Caesar and others were hung on public buildings all over Europe. The interest in the antique states and nations was triggered off. The roots were sought in the ancient times, the maps of antique Europe as well as of Illyrics were made. The Illyric Royal Office in Vienna and the count George Brankovic reflect emergence of the Serbian interest in the ancient world. Then the German Paul Ritter, renamed into Pavle Vitezović, showed up with the book Iliria Rediviva that the Croats altered into Croatia Rediviva.

In the 19th century the Illyric idea of the German Paul Ritter was translated into the Illyric movement with the aim of gathering all Balkan Slavs including even the Serbs into the Croatian National Corpus. However, the Serbs had Kosovo pledge and St. Sava’s Church and did neither care for the Illyrism nor accepted it. However, under the influence of Slavophils they accepted the Yugoslav idea that turned into fraud resulting in the fact that today the Serbs live in several countries and are again subjected to denationalization and proselytization.

When Austria noticed that the Serbs do not accept the Illyrianism, following the idea of the Great Austria and its expansion over the Central Europe and the Balkans, the Austrian anthropologist Johan George Han publicized the thesis of the Albanians’ autochthon Illyric origin. Under the influence of the Roman-Catholic and Austro-Italian propaganda the Roman-Catholic priests and at that time few educated Albanians accepted this thesis of J. G. Han which was then also accepted by the Orthodox while the Muslims did not care about it. They were fantastically faithful to the Caliph and Padishah in Constantinople; they considered themselves the Ottomans and rejected all attempts of segregation from Turkey.

Only with the victory of communism in Albania in 1945 had the Austro-Hungarian-Italian thesis been fully accepted.

The Illyrianism relies on the antique records on the Illyric and there are also certain language endeavours. However, the Illyric language monuments are not preserved. The oldest Albanian texts date from the 16th and 17th century. The Albanian languages of the Gegs and Toscas have nothing in common with the languages of the neighbouring nations; therefore, the linguists assigned them to the Iberian-Caucasian language group. 


The Russian academician N. J. Mar explored the Albanian languages – dialects of the Gegs and Toscas. By comparing them with the contemporary Japhethetic languages of the Caucasus he determined that these contain Japhethic elements. The research of N. J. Mar was confirmed by the academician N. S. Derzavin. On the basis of their and some other researches it was determined that the Albanians and Adigeians or Chechens belong to the same nation!

The language spoken in the Caucasian Albania belongs to the Japhethic group. As beforesaid, in the linguistic sense the Albanians have no relations with the neighbouring Balkan people since the core of their people reached the region of contemporary Albania after its migration over the Asia Minor and South Italy.

The Caucasian Albania is the old term for the region situated in the East Caucasus that leans on the Caspian Sea. It spreads over the territory of contemporary Azerbaijan and Dagestan. The name Albania is recorded with cuneiform on the clay plates of Urartu country. In the old Armenian manuscripts about the Caucasian Albania the regions Eluani and Anuani are recorded and the region Agvank mentioned. The Caucasian Albania is also mentioned in the Greek manuscripts from the 4th century B.C. The similarity of the name Albania in the Caucasus with the one in the Balkan Peninsula is explained with the fact that the ancient inhabitants of the Caucasian-Asia Minor-Mediterranean region used the words alb-alp to denote high regions.

The reason for the migration of the Albanians from the Caucasian Albania was the Arabian conquests in 664 when the Christian state was torn down and the inhabitants forcefully converted to Islam. A part of the Christians escaped to the Byzantine territory. The Arabs dubbed the newly occupied territory Aran.

The Albanians preserved the recollection of the Arabs. In their memories there is a legend saying that they came from Arabia, and the name Arnaut used by the Turks was perhaps derived from the Arabian name Aran.

The Albanians that reached the Balkans in 1043 came from the South Italy and Sicily as the mercenaries of George the Maniac who rose against Constantinople. According to the then customs the mercenaries were followed by their women and children. The Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus,
who described the arrival of the Slavs, did not mention the Albanians in the Balkans in his annals but spoke and described the Caucasian Albanians.

Contrary to the said and to the famous historical sources, the Albanian historians push forward the Illyrian theory according to which the Albanians are older than the Hellens. According to them the Greeks had their colonies in the Illyric national sea. They came in contact with the Romans in the year 167 B. C. and acknowledged their power that did not expand beyond the cities and roads. The Slavs crossed the Danube in 548-549 and spread out across the Balkans. They settled in the valleys while the mountains were inhabited by the Albanians and Vlachs. During the period of anarchy in Byzantium from 1025 to 1081, the Albanian warriors used to serve as soldiers of the lord of Drach. When Alexius I Komnin came to the throne the Albanian tribes had settled down for several centuries. In other words, they did not play any important role in the Balkans.

All in all, everything comes down to the fact that the Serbs are conquerors and the Albanians original settlers in the Balkans. The only problem is that there are no Albanian cultural monuments either material or written; the language had suffered great influence of the Greeks, Vlachs and Slavs while beside all changes the toponyms and hydronyms mainly have Slavic roots.

When they speak and talk about the Christianity they carefully apply the Takijah towards the Roman-Catholic Europe and claim that after the year 395 when the Roman Empire was divided though they remained in the eastern part of the Empire they were attached to Rome and only the Emperor Leo the Third Isaurian (717-749) managed to subject them to Constantinople.

Further on they emphasize that the northern part of Albania with Skadar remained within Rome’s jurisdiction even after the year 1054.

Different states replaced one another in Albania. However, according to the contemporary Albanian historians Albania has always been independent. They cannot avoid Byzantium which posted its despots in different regions, the raids of the Normans from the Southern Italy or the Serbs who were reuniting the Serbian land covering the territories inhabited by the Serbian people, as well as the Venetians, until the year 1431 when the territory of contemporary Albania fell under the Turkish power. Besides, the Albanian historians also lay claim on the events from the Serbian history- on Kosovo battle and Miloš Obilić, on certain rulers as well as on the entire countries in order to make up their own past and place their appearance in the Balkan Peninsula and in Europe in the depth of centuries.

Beside the fact that they massively accepted Islam they claim that Albania participated in the European fight against the Ottoman Empire.

When the Serbs, Greeks and Bulgarians freed themselves from the Turkey the Orthodox and Roman- Catholic Albanians tried to create their own state. Their main obstacles were the Muslim Albanians who did not want to leave the embrace of Turkey. The movement that spread out across the Albanian tribes in 1878 as well as in 1910-1911 was directed towards the preservation of Turkey and against the Christian Serbs, Greeks and Bulgarians and was orchestrated from Constantinople.

The Balkan countries entered the war against Turkey in 1912 and divided among themselves the territories inhabited by their people. In the territory of the Old Serbia there existed Muslim Albanian colonies but also colonies of the Muslims whose native language was Serbian. 


Division of the Balkans performed in 1912-1913 caused dissatisfaction not only of Italy, Austria-Hungary and Germany but also of Great Britain. At the beginning of the 20th century Great Britain started to prepare the shift of the Obrenović dynasty in order to enthrone its favourite, not well-known claimant to the throne, who proclaimed himself descendant of Prince Lazar and whose last name was Lazarevic. In 1905 he sat in London with the escort dressed in Brsyak folk costumes.

Wars and demarcation with Albania in 1926, the fulfilment of the great Croatian political option with the arrival of Broz at the head of the Yugoslav Federation that broke up the Serbian ethnic area after 1945, did not satisfy London. London is neither satisfied with the level of persecution of the Serbs since if Serbia covers anything more than the territory from Užice to Belgrade London regards it as Great. Therefore Martti Ahtisaari needs to bring to an end one more dissection of Serbia. In order to avoid the responsibility for provocation of wars and dismemberment of a country via the United Nations it sends Martti Ahtisaari, a man from the east of Europe. London does not want to be seen by the Serbs as anti-Slav, anti-Serbian and anti-Orthodox, racist and confessionally exclusive. A Finn whose last name was Adolfsen, before he took the name Ahtisaari, should fob the Serbs off with the fact that he comes from the small country that has nothing to do with Serbia, play “disinterested” card and then force on the Serbs his solution – the independent Kosovo.

However, the Finn of such origin and of such mental structure was not chosen by chance.

Or is it like that?

The Finn comes from the family that descended from the south of Norway. After the Second World War Finland lost Carelia at the south of Scandinavian Peninsula and the territories west of Saint Petersburg; this is something that the Finn cannot forgive the Russians and as anti-Slav racist he cannot forgive the Serbs who should be destroyed since they are “...guilty as a nation!”.

The Second World War, observed as the continuation and consequence of the First, resulted in the prolongation of the politics that was ran in Europe for around four centuries. The classicism and the Napoleon’s wars, as the peak that came at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century, finally established three political blocks in Europe: the Atlantic, managed by Great Britain and France, the Central European managed by the Germans, that is by Germany, and the Eastern Slavic managed by Russia.

The contemporary reform of Europe, when observed from time distance from 1920, represents the movement for the unification of Europe and for return of the political situation that existed before the year 1914, but with this goal accomplished without the war. Russia has been suppressed from Belarus, Ukraine and from the Baltic, actually from the areas for which Poland and Germany aspire.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union and declaration of the independence of the Baltic states Belarus and Ukraine, Czechoslovakia was divided into Czech and Slovakia and Yugoslavia broken by wars. In order to fortify the influence of the European Union and NATO in the Balkans, the Turkish factor was used and beside Bosnia and Herzegovina another Muslim state formed, the state anti-Orthodox and strongly anti-Slav.

Therefore, EU and NATO broke Yugoslavia, which Broz had already dismembered with the 1974 Constitution. He prepared the ground for its dissolution and for the civil war with the provisions on the invariability of the Constitution.

Martti Ahtisaari continues the work started at the end of the Second World War in 1944 with the question of survival of Yugoslavia. Obviously Broz was familiar with this politics so he first established the Military Administration for Banat, Bačka and Baranja and then broke up Serbia by separating Montenegro which proclaimed the alliance at the Podgorica meeting in 1918; then from the southern parts of the Old Serbia with Skopje and northern parts of Macedonia, the territories that became part of Serbia in 1913 created Macedonia; Bosnia and Herzegovina was established within the Ottoman boundaries and the Great Croatia was created by including Dubrovnik, Dalmatia, Slavonia and Istra within its boundaries.

The Serbs are divided into several republics and new nations created from them. The Serbian state tradition was proclaimed as blindness and not as the consequence of the historical developments, acquired knowledge and experience. Everything in Serbia was proclaimed for orientally disgusting and absurd. The criminals were declared the victims. The Serbs are forced to change their attitude towards the Albanians. The fact that the Albanian colonists in the Old Serbia are snatchers, usurpers of their land and perpetrators of genocide is completely neglected. 


 After everything said, Martti Ahtisaari-Adolfsen and his bosses don’t mind that the Albanians run great national propaganda incredibly flavoured with the untrue historiographic works about the Serbian conquerors though it is well known that they were the pillar of Turkey in these areas.

The Albanians had been supporters of all conquerors from the Turks to the Austro-Hungarians, Italians and Germans and now of NATO.

The Serbs have well experienced what it means to live with the Albanians first during the Turkish and then during the Austro-Hungarian and the Italian-German occupation.

All the invaders of Serbia behaved in a friendly way towards the Albanian Islamic heritage. The Serbs have well remembered it and they know how one lives and what it means to be a Christian under the Muslim rulers. Besides, they have also experienced that during the dictatorship of Broz who first banned the return of the exiled Serbs to Kosovo and Metohija; then the Albanian communists did the same as the previous invaders the Turks so that the columns of fugitives moved towards the central Serbia running from the neoislamic terror hidden under the cloak of the Association of Communists of Yugoslavia without anyone doing anything to prevent this expulsion.

Elia Kazan, an American of the Armenian origin, in his movie “America! America!” directed in the seventies of the 20th century, speaks about some other region but this movie is a good indicator of the manner of living of the Christians in a “multiethnic society” under the Turkish-Kurd administration during the Islamic occupation at the end of the 19th century. The same process has also been taking place under the Turkish Albanian occupation in the Balkans for centuries.

The question is whether in these circumstances Martti Ahtisaari, the winner of the Fulbright Award, the member of the International Crisis Group financed by Soros and by certain Western governments as well as by some Muslim countries that are supporting the pure Islam such as Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, can be objective? 

Jovan Pejin
(Translated by Tatjana Nedeljkovic)



In addition to all that had been said to date on the Albanians, their attitude and behaviour towards the Serbs, we ought to stress, at a time when discussions have been held on the future status of Kosovo and Metohija, the need to face the responsibility for the crimes that have been perpetrated both in the past and at the present time. To make it clear: Albanians as a nation must face their own selves, their compatriots who have been perpetrating crimes on their behalf, and have executed genocide against the Serbs – they need to confess their religious and in part a national waywardness. We openly address this issue, because of our experience with the Albanians during their colonization of Serbia, which had been duly noted in records – it is better to say comprehensive archives and libraries of crimes.

The need for the Albanians to face the genocide they have perpetrated is of the same importance and the significance as Ilarion Ruvarac making the Serbs face the historical romanticism and the critical historiography at the beginning of the 20th century. Albanian elite in Serbia, in Kosovo and Metohija, the leaders thereof all being Muslims, claiming that their political idea of the fight against the Serbs is based on the European idea of human rights and civic rights and the freedom, brotherhood, and equality, need to face the Islamic terror that has been enforced against the Serbs, but also against their own compatriots who are Roman Catholics.

In fact, they behave in the same way as in the past, when Turkey was the ruler of the Balkans and had its state administration whose objective was the islamization of all Christian subjects; the latter not having complied, would then have to be persecuted, and if they put up resistance, what follows is their physical destruction. In other words, the contemporary Albanian elite are annulling the European values that they accept declaratively! 


There are records testifying that the crimes were perpetrated, the former coming not only from Serbian sources, but foreign ones as well. They represent but a fraction of the truth of a supposed Albanian catharsis due to the perpetrated violence and the colonization by force across the Serbian land, being Muslims going behind the Turkish hordes, in the area of Old Serbia as well and its part of Kosovo and Metohija.

Albanians did not perpetrate genocide and colonization of Kosovo and Metohija for only a year or two, but for three centuries systematically, starting from 1690, and 1737, 1841, 1876-1878, through to 2006, the colonists kept coming from Malaysia and Dukadjin.

Hence the developments in Kosovo and Metohija must be regarded as the systematic genocide. The Muslim Albanians, as well as the Roman Catholics among them, ought to face their own selves and confess the perpetrated genocide. The confession is not a formal one, but a requirement having a bearing on the contemporary Albanian-Serbian relations and the future status of the Albanians in Serbia.

The Serbs should take a principled stand towards the supposed genocide, not as they did to date. They must state the name of each of their victims, condemn the crime and the perpetrators, as well as their instigators. They should do as the Israelis and Armenians did, not just condemn the crime themselves, but have other nations in the region that have also suffered by the Albanians condemn it, and after that Austrian Germans, Hungarians, Croatia, Germany, as well as other Europeans, USA, and other countries.

There is a need to disclose the truth regarding the relations between the Balkan nations and not hide it. The essence thereof is the fight on the part of the Serbs against an Islamic unification of the national areas and the Albanian project being used by the countries of the Islamic conference to achieve their goals. Muslim Albanians are taking an active part in the islamization process. This process has become a tradition for them and represents their free will to terrorize non-Muslims.

The Serbs should pick up where they left off in 1918 and 1941 and stop being silent about themselves and remove ideological premises that are serving the aliens, their denationalization, not to go as far as to say the imperialists. The truth is essential for the juxtaposition of the views and it is cruel for the Albanians, because in today’s Albania and the neighbouring countries the majority of them are of the Serbian origin, whether they are Muslims, Orthodox, or Roman Catholics.  


The Albanians know this fact, hence they need mythomania. Their past has been linked to the Byzantine, Serbia, Venice, and the Turks. Since they have always been at the outskirts of the developments, they are now constructing new history. The mythomania of the Albanoillyrianism, because of the way it had been renamed from the Croatian national milieu, i.e. their national renaissance into Albanianism, represents an open question when they will examine themselves, exactly because of the randomly turned, upside-down scientific image of the Balkans and the perpetrated genocide against the Serbs and their expulsion from their territory in the past and in the present times.

Albanian illyrianism serves as the proof that the territory of Serbia historically belongs to them and it had been turned into a romantic confessional movement involving both the Muslims and the Roman Catholics. It does not have a rational background and has not been studied seriously. The Albanian propaganda of the illyrianism and the Dardania is the most typical example of the abuse of science for politico-confessional purpose. This is not so much about the origin of the Albanians, as the origin and the ethnically cleansed territory are being a disguise for Vehabit Islam – a cleansed Muslim territory.

The origin is being covered up – the research is being avoided of the settlement of the Albanian tribes in today’s territory of the New Epirus and the Middle Albania into the mountain areas in the west till the Drim River around the town of Kroja, where they settled as Arbans after a long journey from the Caucasus, from the territory of today’s Azerbaijan in the period from the 7th through the 11th centuries. Albanians appear in the Balkans as Byzantine mercenaries in the 11th century. In the aforementioned territory they arrived after they had fled from the Turks from the border between Armenia, Byzantine, and Persia.

The way the Albanian political and intellectual elite understands nationalism helps us understand the implementation of the provision in the Koran on “takyah” – pretence and deception by the Muslims to be something else in relation to their environment while they are few and weak. When they overpower a confessionally different environment, then they show the infidel that they are real Muslims and expel the former if they cannot convert them to Islam. 


Ibrahim Rugova is a good example of the “takyah”. He claimed to be Catholic. Even the ACS party papers stated that Rugova is Catholic. He misled his protectors from both Europe and the US to think that he was Roman Catholic. He had a picture of the Pope Wojtyla in his apartment and in his office in Priština. He even let out his Christian name Peter. The alleged Christianity was only a tool for him to carry out an islamization of the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, as well as other ones that Albania as a state has claims on.

In his political activity, with his foreign mentors he behaved submissively, just as the Koran teaches. He couldn’t have rid himself from this submissive mindset because it has been a part of his background. It was quite curious that he was supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries that both publicly and secretly advocate jihad and the islamization of the entire world.

The Orthodox Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija and other countries where they live together with other confessional and ethnic communities, after 1912-1918 were people thirsting for freedom and economic development. But in reality, they were stumbling across the remaining confessional and national remnants of the defeated countries that were not inclined to come to terms with the new status. This remnant was the pillar of the previous states in the Serbian territories. The Albanians considered themselves the Turks and enjoyed the support of the foreign centers of power such as Berlin, Vienna, Rome, and later Moscow, London, and Paris.

After the decomposing of the SFRY, the Serbs have met with the lack of truth, deception, and false documents that Albanians were spreading in order to convince themselves of the Albano-illyrianism, confirm their right to usurped and colonized territories, justify the ethnic cleansing of the Serbs, and gain the “past”. So Albanians, beside Croatians, have been the only nation in Europe that has been gaining the past subsequently. All their claims regarding their origin and the territorial distribution are false and all their claims regarding the Serbs in those territories are fake. Everything is mixed up and disputable. Since they know that, indeed they do know, that in Kosovo and Metohija and other territories that they occupy or want for themselves, they do not have one single cultural monument proving their centuries-long presence, they try to put a smoke screen by terrorizing and harassing both the Serbs and the truth, trampling underfoot all norms of human conduct. 


Facing a biased glorification of the antiquity of the Albanianism by immersing in illyrianism, which has by the 18th century been pertinent to the Serbs, has lead to the suppression of the Serbianism at the end of the 20th century. The antiquity of the Albanianism has been identified with the Illyrians, even though they have begun to thrust into Serbian territories at a time when a Serb and the “ruler of the Illyrics” count Djordje Branković had been doing penance being interned in Heba due to an attempt to revive the “Illyrian Kingdom” as of 1688. They have begun to trust behind the backs of the Turkish hordes and have completely identified as Muslims to the Turks. As Turks, they were carrying out ethnic cleansing and were converting Serb population to Turkish one in the territories of Zeta and Old Serbia; and then, those who were converted to Islam in a Muslim Albanian-speaking environment changed their language and the erasing of the awareness of their origin ensued.

Bypassing the key subject of changing the confession – the islamization of the Albanians and as Muslims their being incorporated into the Ottoman systemof government, the Albanians, together with those who want to convert them to Roman Catholicism, are trying to suppress the historical truth about the genocide against the Serbs that has been perpetrated. 


Generally speaking, the Albanians and those Vatican-European circles having anti-Serbian attitudes, in a racist and confessional sense, are disregarding the cause and effect of the status in the areas where Muslim Albanians are predominant today. They are not interested at all in the loss of property and the territories during the Ottoman occupation, and other different subsequent occupations: Austro-Hungarian-Bulgarian and Italian-German ones in 1916-1918 and 1941-1944, as well as the consequences  of the Croatian-Slovenian implementation of the Comintern Program that Yugoslavia should be disintegrated. Thus, the political centers of power prevent the truth to be found out about the crime of genocide, which despite all those manoeuvres is neither subject to statute of limitations, nor are its results recognized according to the International Law. In other words, different European Commissaries sitting in Priština or in the Brussels and the international groups simply erase the truth as events that never happened. Thus the politics based on force contributes to the establishing, that is, a suitable historiographic and political image is being established of the Albanians being the victims of the Greater-Serbia aggression!

Defending the tradition of genocide, the Albanians have directed their political and scientific activity towards the pressure exerted on Belgrade and the Serbs to forget their past in Zeta and Old Serbia, on the towns of Skadar – 400 years ago having been a center of Serbian statehood, Peć – the seat of the Patriarchy and the spiritual life, Prizren – the capital city of the state, Skoplje – capital city of the Kingdom, so the Serbs would not have basis for repossessing of the land, cities, and the people. 


Тhe European racists and confessionally exclusive Roman Catholics and Protestants from the pseudodemocratic Europe and USA put pressure on the Serbs to make them forget their tradition since for them it represents “dark orthodoxy” and nationalism! At the same time they assist the Albanians in creation of their history and tradition. However, the European racists are losing control from their hands since the Mujahedeens, Al Qaeda and Vehabits are more respected and influential among the Muslim Albanians than they themselves are. The European influence ceases at the point where it touches the living norms preached by the Koran. The wall is immediately erected there. By allegingly converting to the Roman Catholicism poor Rugova tried to flatter Europe with the Asian submission, or better say with servility. He was assisted, though without any visible success, by the group of intellectuals who had spent some time in the West. Except for some outside manifestations done in order to be noticed in the crowd and liked by the West European politicians who use them to accomplish their strategic goals, they remain where they are. The Albanians traditionalists stick to Islam and turn towards the Vehabits. Publicly they will approve and declare in favour of the Roman Catholicism, but in their intimate circles they will make fun of the infidel. They will continue to put pressure on the Christians to force them to migrate or to turn Turks.

The Albanian politics presents the defence of genocide over the Serbs with the goal of creating the Great Albania in the medieval and modern territory of Serbia, which, due to the circumstances, was at the end of 19th century under the administration of the Turkish pashas of the Albanian origin who heavily relied on terror and military power of USA, NATO and EU. 


During Broz’s dictatorship and the ideological climate the Albanoillyrianism relied on the dialectic materialism so that the Albanians managed to separate themselves as Muslims from the Orthodox Serbs with the exception that they tolerate their Roman Catholic compatriots but hate them as the same infidel as the Serbs.

The number of the Serbs systematically killed from the mid-nineteenth century, i.e. from the First Rebellion up to the Niš rebellion in 1841, when the Albanians performed numerous crimes that provoked Russia and France to require from the Ottoman Porta the explanation about the position of Serbs in the risen areas is still not determined.

After the Crimean War from 1856 till 1878, strong pressure continued to be exerted on the Serbs – blackmails, kidnappings of females, murders so that after the Berlin Congress more than 60.000 peasants and citizens
were forced to escape from the Peć and Priština’s sanjak to secure areas in the Princedom of Serbia. Parallel with the reign of terror and emptying of the territory runs the Albanian colonization. The Turks didn’t want the Christians so they encouraged and tolerated this colonization done by the Muslims. The pogroms against the remaining Serbs came next.

According to the reports of the Austrian consuls outside Skoplje, the head of province, the safety in cities and small towns was insignificant, while the villages were not safe at all. The Serbs were exposed to the everyday terror. Murders, arsons, fights, rapes, taking aways, fires, and blackmails became their everyday life, the perpetrators of which were the Albanian Kachak gangs and the individuals who ravaged the entire areas. The pressure on the Serbs became more powerful during the international crisis and the urgencies on Turkey. During the Greek-Bulgarian war in 1897, the pogrom against the Christians took place, the second wave of which followed after the action of the Macedonian Committee in 1900, and the Kolašin scandal in 1901-1902 so that in the period from 1876 till 1912, when the violence was at its peak, around 400,000 souls left Kosovo and Bitolj province in order to save their bare lives from the Albanians.

The Muslim fundamentalism with their tribal and nationalist feelings, transformed into the everyday terror, set forth to eradicate the Serbian people. Those Albanians, who actively participated in the pogrom against the Armenians in the Small Asia between 1894 and 1896, were especially prominent this time as well.

The state of the region was such that the journalist of the “Ilustrasione” Alber Male while travelling through Kosovo in 1902 recorded that only in one village four Serbian heads were chopped while more than 200 murders performed in the province of Kosovo at that time.

After the liberation in 1912, the enforcement of order had started but the work was interrupted by the war in 1914, after which the Austro-Hungarian occupation followed accompanied by the new crimes of the allies associated with the Albanians. It is still not known how many people were killed and whether and what, if any, measures were taken against the perpetrators after 1918. The same happened after 1945, when for a short period the measures against the “counterrevolutionaries” were taken; however, no measures were taken against the war colonists who appropriated the Serbian property. This crime was even relativized with the ban of return of the Serbian refugees to their property in March 1945.

The Albanian communists who arrived as the manpower from the neighbouring Albania, as well as the local and the Serbian, let us highlight that, personnel, took advantage of the revolution and the system of power established in Yugoslavia in 1945-1946, after the Soviet model, for the continuation of pressure on the Serbs and for their ethnic cleansing.

As the result of the one-track politics and the ideological censorship, the Serbian public could not react to the fraud with the autonomous province and the political party system of the Yugoslav Federation. Also faced with the impossible ability of the Albanians to pretend, the Serbian public descended into a “dream”, while on the territory of the autonomous Kosovo and Metohija region terror ruled with the pace with which the Albanians as the national minority were taking over the leading political functions by entering party-state apparatus of the CPY/ACY.

The Albanian communists were publicly devoted to the ACY, while secretly, in their family and family clan circles they openly worked on the implementation of the confessional Islamic programme, on creation of the Muslim clean Kosovo and Metohija, which also involved the ethnic cleansing of all non-Muslims, first of all the Serbs; in other words, they were the political and ideological crooks.

As time passed by, with the help of the Muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Macedonian, Montenegrin and Vojvodina separatists, the anti-Serbian top of the ACY with Broz, Bakarić and Kardelj as the leading figures inflicted the crucial blow to the state unity by adopting the Cofederal Constitution in 1974, thus converting the state and enabling the systematic construction of the fence around the Province. At the same time this fence was built, in ideological centres such as Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kraljevo, Niš and Kragujevac the spirit of forgetfulness was cherished among the Serbs, which became predominant regardless of the everyday testimonies of the violence in Kosovo and Metohija no longer inflicted by agas and beys but by the communists who encouraged their compatriots to persevere in violence. The cultural monuments were demolished, women and young girls, even nuns raped and the Serbs systematically forced to move.

Genocide executed by 1912, and then again in the period 1916-1918, and 1941-1945, was contributed by the new exile behind the back of the ACY, and not of the Turkish sultan or the Viennese emperor. The exile becomes more prominent after 1974, to be shortly interrupted in 1989. The finals was the NATO aggression in 1999, and the occupation of Kosovo and Metohija when six centuries after the Kosovo battle the padishah from Washington and the caliph from the Vatican set forth the armies against the Serbs in order to punish them for their votive thought and their continuous work on the revival of the nation and of the state.

The years of hypocritical attacks on the Serbs followed. The NATO aggressive countries and USA proclaimed the Serbs to be the criminals in Kosovo and Metohija.The officers, soldiers and policemen who fought against the Islamic goals of the KLA terrorists while defending their country from the dirty NATO attack on Serbia and the invasion from Albania are charged with war crimes. Those who made crematories for Serbs in Klečka village are absolved all responsibilities.

In anti-Serbian and pro-Albanian propaganda especially loud are NATO commissioners from the Brussels and Priština and the representatives of different nongovernmental organizations from the country and abroad who act as mediators between the Albanian terrorists; they have formed the government with the help of EU and behind NATO’s back carry out power in Kosovo and Metohija and oppose the central government in Belgrade.

The support that USA, Great Britain and Germany give to the Islamic KLA terrorists, in the same manner as the Ottoman Turkey used to, enables the self-declared government in Priština to exert pressure on the Serbian leaders in the Province to acknowledge separation. In case they did not do so, they would be considered as the Belgrade representatives who due to that imply danger for their megalomaniac great Albanian idea of the independent Kosovo, actually danger for the vehabit Islam which they favour and due to which they are supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Al Quaede, vehabits from different Islamic countries, their agents in Europe and USA and the organizations from the Islamic countries. Any other view of the Serbs is asymmetric and justifies the correctness of the Serbian political actions in the war in 1999, and together with that also breaks down Martti Ahtisaari’s thesis of one-sided solution of the provoked Kosovo crisis.

The Albanians as the EU and USA favourites act as the Brussels orders them and as it pleases. Due to the “Yugoslavianism” the Serbs had lost the international primacy and are struggling hard under sanctions and various political pressures and threats accompanied by the internal conflicts between different political parties.

The feeling of hypocrisy is increased by the rejection of the representative of the Western alliance, namely, Richert, Roan, Ahtisaari, not to mention Kouchner or Jesen-Petersen and others, to listen to the Serbian testemonies covering the relevant facts about their country, the genocide they endured on behalf of the Albanians and the spirituality on the territory of the Old Serbia the traces of which are spread everywhere in Kosovo and Metohija while there is not even one Albanian cultural monument.

Their right of the Serbs to Kosovo and Metohija and other regions is based on the ethnic, state-legal and spiritual foundation while that of the Albanians on the result of the genocidal colonization accompanied by the demographic boom.

In spite of everything beforesaid the Albanians are faced with difficulties and mistrust due to the hard political attitude of the European countries, especially their neighbours in the Balkans, who are well aware of their genocideness based on Islam and jihad; however they still persistently maintain the dirty political situation accomplished by the ethnic cleansing. They are encouraged by the hypocrisy of the Western alliance reflected in its refusal to listen to the Serbs’ recorded and audiovisual information on the murdered, harassed, robbed and exiled compatriots.

This is one more reason for the Albanians to face with the genocide they committed and its results on the Serbs. The Albanians need to thoroughly examine themselves and admit the misdeeds that they had committed both consciously and unconsciously, to determine the consequences that their misdeeds will have on the Albanian destiny and to give proof and substance for the misfortune of the people mixed in Kosovo and Metohija. This is the task that the Albanians themselves need to perform for their historiography and for their better future. Everything that is now done on behalf of the Western alliance, the negotiations in Vienna and Ahtisaari’s activities represent only temporary postponement of the solution! Therefore it is necessary that their patrons and the Roman Catholic-Protestant and racist Europe, which banished the Serbs as the Orthodox Slavs from the civilization circle, also confront this fact and influence the Albanians to accept the catharsis.

In the opposite case, if they continue to deny the Serbs their right to self-defence, in other words, their right to life, they will allow the Albanians to continue to destroy the Serbs as nation and no facing with the genocide will take place.

Finally, one can say that the Albanian catharsis is in advance doomed to fail since KFOR and the Western alliance didn’t accomplish anything else in Kosovo and Metohija but ethnically cleaning it from the Serbs.

March 2004 is the indicator of the situation in Kosovo and Metohija under NATO occupation. For Europe, and not for the Serbs who are well familiar with the Albanians and who vainly expect their catharsis, it has the same meaning as the 11th September 2001, for USA.

Therefore, the words of the American ambassador in Serbia that the country that kills its citizens has no right to Kosovo, go far beyond ordinary cynicism and undiplomacy. The approve and encouragement of USA and EU to give the Serbian territory to the Albanians in their eternal ownership is the crime without precedent. It is calculated with the intent to turn the Balkans into the source of crisis and bloody arena in the future. 

Jovan Pejin
Archives adviser in the Archive of Serbia, Belgrade

ACS – Association of Communists of Serbia
CPY - Communist party of Yugoslavia
ACY- Association of Communists of Yugoslavia

(Translation: Tatjana Nedeljkovic)


The stone crusher in Brestovik has ground up the stones of many Serb houses in Brestovik and neighboring Siga. And who knows what other Greater Arbanas (Albanian) crushers are also working away. Serb property is being ground up. It's very cheap. But why buy it? Grab as much as you can! Take whatever you want that is Serb-owned! Remove every sign of the Serbs. Dig up the Serb graves, scatter the bones. Wipe out every trace. Don't worry, it's all under the UN flag. The perfect crime is being committed.

The worst restrictions of electrical power in Europe are in Kosovo and Metohija. The sabotage in Obilic has already been forgotten. UNMIK has arrived at the phase of tranferring responsibility to provisional institutions. They stress: "Improving the quality of life in Kosovo is now almost completely in the hands of the people of Kosovo."

Who are these "people from Kosovo"? The "partners" of the international community have been tasked with meeting eight standards. One of those standards is "sustainable returns". What is meant by "sustainable returns"? Lists for return were created by OSCE and UNMIK representatives in collective housing and given to Arbanas representatives for verification. The desirable ones were the elderly and the helpless.

If you ask a KFOR officer whether they are creating "an affiliate of a united Europe" or the worst "affiliate of anti-Christian fanatics" you will be met by silence. Nor will he will not say how many millions of dollars per month the so-called Kosovo Protection Corps costs. Do they know that these "partners of the international community" fought for democracy by attempted rapes of Serb schoolgirls and nuns, by throwing dead frogs and dogs into classrooms while classes were being conducted by Serb schoolteachers, by defecating in the classrooms of Serb students and who knows what other atrocities? And that the Arbanas professors were single-minded in refusing to allow these disgusting acts to be condemned. Attack under the UN flag!

Attack against the elderly Serb "wretches" in Pec. Set the Serb bus on fire and shower the members of KFOR with gunfire. Descend on the 269 newly opened brothels. Attack against every Serb sign! Attack against the remaining Serb graves!

According to the commanders in chief, things are getting better and better. The drama is coming to an end. Checkpoints near Serb enclaves are being abandoned. "Freedom" is alive and well and there is no need to protect the remaining Serb monasteries and churches. The only thing missing is for the UN to grant "independence" to the terrorists become "freedom fighters". And the river of democracy will flow. Of "democracy" without fundamental democratic values, that is.

It is important not to anger the Arbanas "partners".

It is most important that the green money continues to funnel in, preferably without any control. The Greater Arbanas have become especially proficient in taking things from Serbia. The great lie is useful for both the major financers and the numerous beneficiaries. All with the blessings of "Big Brother" and "the Omniscient".

The Greater Arbanas program rolls on. The Serbs are not returning to their homes. The Serbs are in a cage. We are waiting to see "what America will say". Time is working for the Arbanas.

"The non-Albanians" are in a great state of ennui. For the Serbs everything is going wrong. More than 85 thousand Serb homes are illegally occupied. In the three years of UNMIK administration a few hundred Albanians have been moved out of occupied Serb homes. This occupation is not publicly discussed in the West. Less than 300 Serbs have returned. Thousands have left on top of the original 250 thousand.

In less than six months of the UN mandate, there were 4,253 attacks against Serbs. 982 were killed and 1,063 were kidnapped. Serbs have wasted away in prison in kangaroo trials where they are accused of genocide and treated in violation of every international convention on human rights despite supposed UNMIK supervision. Less than 0.1 percent of reconstruction aid was allotted for the repair of Serb homes. Does UNMIK know this? It is better to stay quiet; the pay is good. Darkness is good. Fishing is good in troubled waters.


Recently a few dozen expelled and long suffering Serbs returned to the villages of Bica and Grabac in Klina municipality in Metohija. Yet another unique prison for Serbs was shamelessly created by the so-called international community with the "supreme blessings" and acquiescence of the newly formed Albanian government. Another Serb enclave has been created in Metohija in addition to Orahovac, Velika Hoca, Gorazdevac, Osojane and tiny Crkolez. Only the Serbs live in enclaves.

The Serbs returned to the slopes of the Drenik menagerie where at the end of 1997 they were intercepted by masked Albanian terrorists who, in fun, kept them under constant machine-gun fire during the spring of 1998, directly attacked them, murdered boys and policemen, gouged out the eyes of the postman who delivered their pensions to the village, set houses in the neighboring Serb villages of Dusevica and Jelovca on fire. The Serbs returned according to a carefully culled and not very long list to a wasteland as bare as if it had been devoured by pirhanas, where not a single mature tree remained, without water, without electricity, far from regional highways, surrounded by the concealed enemy. Had they gone anywhere else from Metohija to New Zealand, things could not be more difficult, worse and uncertain for them.

They returned in the days of the pre-election campaign of 11 pretenders in the elections for Serbian president, pretenders who failed to chose their words in addressing their competitors. None of them promised respect for those who would win the support of the majority of the electorate. At a time when we are approaching the 200 year anniversary of the modern Serbian revolution which brought the Serbian people freedom and a state, the battle for the throne of the distant heir, the great Nemanja, the leader, Milos the Great, King Peter I, was sharp and merciless, disturbing for the Serb people.

In the villages of Bica and Grbac there were no polling booths. The inmates, drawn to the villages of their birth by a primeval longing for their native region, with their deserted hearths and their extinguished cemetery, desecrated and dug up three years ago, were unable to vote. The mighty machinery of the so-called international community did not care for this "fistful of Serb suffering". The Albanian masses throughout Kosovo and Metohija did not care about the Serbian president, either. Our Albanian citizens in the Presevo Valley and Bujanovac, whose every demand had been met by the Serbian government and current international forces and powers and whose bloody terrorist brigades and acts had been forgiven, also boycotted the election of the Serbian president. The only thing they did not get yet is permission to establish yet another nonexistent border by grabbing from Serbia.

In seeking a solution for the unfortunate expelled Serbs and all others besides them who have lost their considerable property, without means of biological existence and abandoned to the will of the Balkan Talibans and the merciless Western military and political machinery, whose only hope for now lies in this feeble Serbia, the editors of Hvosno continue to strive to find possibilities for the dignified return of the expelled and the creation of worthy human existence. We offer the reader the thoughts of the Blessed Fr. Justin Popovich (from 1966) and the lectures delivered this summer by philosopher-academician Mihail Curic and writer-academician Dragoslav Mihailovic, as well as the appeal of Bishop Artemije of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija.

Let us remain hopeful, o, sufferers, natives of Hvosno, Kosovo and Metohija, that they cannot destroy our state, that they cannot loot our property and by rational thought (as the wise philosopher says) we will seek the road to salvation and a way out of the abyss.



According to widespread opinion in the German capital, the work of the Congress of Berlin, the ultimate European court of justice, is drawing to an end. However, since the issue of the suffering people of tragic Old Serbia [Kosovo and Metohija] has yet to be discussed by the high-level representatives of the European powers, I, the undersigned, with the authority granted to me by this people, respectfully direct my humble request to the esteemed members of the Congress so that they may be so good as to acquaint themselves for what the subjugated and almost completely destroyed people of Old Serbia hope.

Gentlemen, take pity on the suffering of a people which has been treated extremely badly and has found itself on the edge of the abyss, cast under the feet of others as slaves and stripped of every hope. Since the Almighty God in His mercy has placed in your hands the fate of a people who have been enslaved for centuries on European soil and since the great European powers have accepted the noble task of alleviating the tragic fate of the population of this part of Europe, may you act as the fathers and benefactors of the forgotten people of Old Serbia at this critical moment.

This people has endured unprecedented suffering to the present day because it was abandoned to the mercy, and lack thereof, of Turkish and Arbanas [Albanian] renegades. Now that the position of all the peoples of the Balkan peninsula has been improved, is it just that we should remain in the chains of awful tyranny? Is it just that the Turks continue to slaughter us and Arbanasi to burn down our homes? Is it just that we remain subjugated by treatment which is worse than treatment of livestock in Europe? Because we fought in the war for liberation; because we revolted against exploitation; because we demonstrated our desire for freedom and unification with our brothers, if the old order is restored, Muslim fanaticism will be unrestrained; it will be even more brutal and it will cause us even greater suffering than in the past.

This is why we once again raise our voice before the European community and ask that it show mercy toward us and that it not abandon us to this bloody and brutal enslavement. If it cannot guarantee our freedom, let it at least ensure some degree of autonomy for us and our personal safety.

As the representative of this just request, I beg Your Excellencies to accept my expressions of respect by which I remain

Your Excellencies’ most humble servant

In Berlin, 3 July 1878.

Sava Archmandrite and authorized representative
of the people of Old Serbia

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